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Jos. Hansen (E.A.) Ltd. is flying the flag of the world renowned KSB Pump Manufacturer in Kenya since many decades and has stock available in the following KSB range:


  • WKL, Etanorm, Etabloc, Movitec,
  • Multitic, IXO, Amarex, WEG Motors


  to be applied in the following domains:
  • High pressure multistage pumps for general water supply, booster plants etc
  • Horizontal single stage pumps for domestic and industrial purposes
  • Vertical High pressure in-line pumps
  • Submersible sewage pumps for pumping all types of effluent
  • Submersible borehole and well pumps

Our service workshop, which as well operates since decades,  adjusts the pumps to suit required duties and to fulfill the exact customers' needs such as fabrication of baseframes or modifications by trimming impellers and removing or adding stages.

Fast and punctual delivery, installations on sites and repair client pumps complete the offered services.



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Since 2014 Jos. Hansen (EA) Ltd. sells very successfully Generators. At the moment the import of generators are Duty and VAT free. Standby generators are being highly demanded, remote pumping stations also require generators. Jos. Hansen (EA) Ltd. currently has in stock GENMAC Generators from Italy with a variety of 15kVA - 100kVA. Installation is offered as well.