Educational EQuipment

Jos. Hansen & Soehne (EA) Ltd.  provides for students and technicians the teaching and research equipment to obtain necessary skills for their present and future jobs. We deliver to universities and polytechnics, vocational training institutes, technical colleges, industrial, military and civil aviation training centres, ministries of education, health and agriculture, primary and secondary schools. Besides delivery, Jos. Hansen & Soehne (EA) Ltd. assists all phases of educational projects beginning with  the selection of suitable training schemes and systems and supporting:

  • Curriculum development
  • Specification of equipment
  • Laboratory and workshop design
  • Supply of equipment and software
  • Installation and commissioning
  • After sales service and maintenance




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The Armfield Education Division covers all of the main engineering disciplines. 

The Armfield Industrial Division covers research & development systems, primarily for the food, beverage, dairy, edible oil and pharmaceutical industries. Researchers and product developers are able to replicate full-scale industrial manufacturing processes on a miniature-scale in the laboratory.

PHYWE systems are deployed for  teaching pure science and it's technical applications in schools, colleges and universities.