Jos. Hansen East Africa is proud to be the distributor of the worldwide very well known traditional German beer OETTINGER.

Original OETTINGER beer combines German brewing tradition and a passion for beer drinking. OETTINGER has since 1731 been producing a whole range of tasty, strong, spicy and smooth beers.

The wide OETTINGER range represents pure and simple drinking pleasure with high quality German beers to choose from. Something for every beer-drinker: for loyal Export fans, as well as for more seasoned drinkers or aficionados of a stronger taste.   

Whether strong and spicy or mildly tangy, every OETTINGER beer has its own character. This distinctive taste is developed during the brewing process. The bottom-fermented OETTINGER Pilsner lager is slightly more hop-flavored and thus a tad tangier than other OETTINGER full-bodied beers. OETTINGER wheat beers are unfiltered to retain their natural fine yeasty taste. And the full-bodied and spicy OETTINGER strong beers are brewed with a considerably higher wort content.

                           100% BEER CULTURE, 100% AWARD-WINNING BEER and 100% ENJOYMENT.

 These are our Oettinger Brands:               oettinger_logo1.jpg


  • Oettinger Pils  Oettinger Pils is a golden lager beer with a slightly hoppy character, available in 500 ml, 330 ml cans and 330 ml glass bottles.

oettinger_pils_dose_330ml_20151.jpg oettinger_pils_bottle.png      oettinger_pils_descr.jpg


  • Oettinger Super Forte  is a dark lager beer and the strongest beer among all Oettinger beer products. It has a rich amber color and a full-bodied sweet and malty taste. Oettinger Super Forte is available in 500 ml cans.

oe_super-forte_dose_500ml_20141.jpg                             oettinger_super_strong_descr.jpg


 Oettinger Schwarz is a dark lager beer with a full-body and a bitter-sweet flavor. It is the perfect beer for beer connoisseurs. Oettinger Schwarz is available in 500 ml cans. 

oettinger_schwarzbier_dose_500ml_20151.jpg                                                  oettinger_schwarz_descr.jpg




  • Oettinger Export is a golden and full-bodied lager beer with a round character and moderate bitterness. Oettinger Export is available in 500 ml and in 330 ml cans.

oettinger_export_dose_330ml_20151.jpg                                               oettinger_export_descr.jpg



  • Original Oettinger Weissbier is a naturally cloudy, golden wheat beer. Being fermented with fine and aromatic yeast, Oettinger guarantees a great refreshment and outstanding taste. Oettinger Weissbier is available in 500 ml cans and 330 ml glass bottles.

  oe_weissbier_dose_500ml_20161.jpg oettinger_weissbier_flasche_330ml_20151.jpg          oettinger_weizen_descr.jpg